5th to 13th, Oct 2013.

 Vijaya Dashami 

14th Oct, 2013.


3rd Nov , 2013.



Bhajan / Kirtan /Aartis: 

A bhajan or kirtan is a Hindu devotional song, often but not necessarily of ancient origin. Great importance is attributed to the singing of bhajans within the Bhakti movement.

Here I have provided some of the 'aartis' (devotional songs) that you can sing while performing pooja at home or elsewhere. Aartis play a significant role during prayers they are essential for a Hindu devotee to make connection with the divine.

 These aartis can be sung at during the daily prayers or particular pooja offered to the hindu gods and goddesses.

Shokas - in Sanskrit which are said during daily prayers and rituals :

  • Opening Prayers:

  • Closing Prayers:

   Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra (repeat 3 times)

!! Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi !!


Hara hara Sankara!

Jaya jaya Sankara!